Mehak Malik Songs

Mehak Malik Biography

Mehak Malik is a Pakistani transgender dancer and performer born in Kot Adu city of Punjab Pakistan. She learned to dance from Shaheen Jehan who is also a transgender like her.

In an interview, Mehak reveals that from a very young age, She loves dancing and try to do the practice of dance almost every time. People say that Mehak at a young age performs in local Festivals But she is not getting a good amount of money and then she started dancing and performing in local’s marriages functions.


A day when she was performing, somebody captures him in mobile screen and uploads on a social media platform, People see him and start giving responses and boom, she gets viral, his video gets a part of trending tab. Thus Mehak Malik became famous all over the world, especially Pakistan.

Popularity Score

Well after that, Every day his popularity gets increasing. Now she more popular than most Pakistani Film Industry (Lollywood) Stars. Now, she has Millions of Followers and Billions of Viewers on Social Media Platforms. Mehak recently received his Golden Play Button from YouTube after hitting 1 Million Subscribers.

Personal Life of Mehak Malik

Mehak is best known for dancing, but we can also watch him talking about Islamic things in some videos on social media. Many People criticize him saying that she should only follow Islam, she should not dance. Mehak Malik in response to criticism says that this is a matter between me and my Allah. No one has to talk about it.

Important Facts

  • She likes traveling and listening to music.
  • Since her childhood, Mehak was passionate about dancing. She often used to dance in the songs of Noor Jehan in her childhood.
  • Due to the resemblance of her dance moves with Sapna Choudhary Mehak is often termed as the Pakistani Sapna Choudhary.
  • She is active on Social media and is often seen posting her photos and videos on Social media especially on Tik Tok.

Mehak Malik Famous Songs

Mehak Malik songs performing videos are famous all over the world. She performed on many Pakistani and Indian songs some of best Mehak Malik songs are as under:-

  • Dil Deny Ki Rut Aai
  • Samy Meri War
  • Men Onko Payar Kary San
  • Tip Tip Barsa Pani