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Telugu Songs

Telugu ranks fourth among the languages with the highest number of native speakers in India. It stands alongside Hindi, English and Bengali with primary official language status in more than one Indian state.

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Haryanvi Songs

Haryanvi is the language of the Western Hindi Haryanvi is native to the region of Haryana in India. Haryanvi songs mostly listen in Haryana and some parts of Punjab.

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Hindi Songs 2019

Bollywood songs, more formally known as Hindi songs or filmi songs, are songs featured in Bollywood films. Here are the best Hindi songs for 2019.  Hindi Songs are famous all over the world. The subcontinent is the centre of Hindi songs.

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Punjabi Songs 2019

Punjabi is an Indo-Aryan language with more than 100 million native speakers around the world and especially in the Indian subcontinent. Thus Punjabi songs are famous in India and Pakistan.

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Pashto Songs

Pashto music is commonly performed in Afghanistan, mostly in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province and northern Balochistan province. The major center for Pashto music and arts is found in Peshawar, Pakistan.

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Bhojpuri Songs

Bhojpuri is spoken in the North-Eastern part of India and the Terai region of Nepal It is chiefly spoken in western Bihar and eastern Uttar Pradesh. Thus Bhojpuri songs are famous in both India and Nepal.

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Gujarati Songs

The Gujarati people or Gujaratis an ethnic group traditionally from Gujarat that speaks Gujarati, an Indo-Aryan language. Gujarati Songs are famous in India and Pakistan.

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Tamil Songs

Tamil is an official language of two countries Sri Lanka and Singapore and official language of the Indian state Tamil Nadu state of India. Thus Tamil songs are famous in these areas.

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Kannada Songs

Kannada  is a Dravidian language spoken predominantly by Kannada people in India, mainly in the state of Karnataka. Kannada Songs are mostly listened in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pardesh.

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Marathi Songs

Marathi is an Indo-Aryan language spoken predominantly by  Marathi people of Maharashtra, India. Marathi songs are also famous in this part of the area.

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Arabic Songs

Arabic music  is the music of the Arab World with all its different music styles and genres. Like Hindi Arabic countries have many styles of music and also many dialects; each country has its own traditional music.

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Best Sindhi Songs

Sindhi is the ethnic language of people residing in Sindh province of Pakistan, Gujrat and Rajasthan India. Hence, Sindhi songs are famous in both countries. Here are the all-time best Sindhi songs.

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Pakistani Songs

Pakistani songs or Urdu songs are common music of Pakistan which is listened in Urdu speaking peoples in All over the world. Pakistani songs are famous in all over the world, here are the best Pakistani songs.